Celebrating women’s day

KALENGA Mubanga is a communication expert who is passionate about her job.
Her sexy smile brightens the lives of many people. 
It is in fact difficult to tell whether she is upset or not because of her ever charming smile.
Ms Mubanga, who is currently the public relations manger for Napoli Group of Companies in Lusaka is an exceptional young woman who believes in hard work to get to the top.
She has worked for top companies in Zambia such as Zain and India Artel among others and has graced our television screens for many years as a bubbly personality.
Ms Mubanga is passionate about football and her desire is to see her favourite club City of Lusaka win promotion to the Super Division in the as soon as possible.
Ms Mubanga, who is part of the daily running of this legendarily club is an inspiration to young women.
A product of International School in Lusaka and Evelyn Hone College, Ms Mubanga wanted to pursue Journalism but decided to take up a career in Marketing and Publications Relations, a profession that has indeed exposed her to the world.
“I love football. I started following City of Lusaka when I was young. My father was a football fanatic and used to watch live games at Woodlands Stadium and he would tell us a lot of stories about City of Lusaka especially when the team won. It is an honour to be a part of the City of Lusaka team,” Ms Mubanga, a mother said.
As City of Lusaka Football Club, we would like to celebrate the life of this charming, beauty Queen on this special day, Women International Day and wish her God’s protection on her and her family.
Happy Women Day.